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Why advertise at

  • Bangladesh is a fast growing country of the world with an average of 6% growth in the past 20 years. Defence budget is also rising and the purchasing power of the government and consumers are also increasing.
  • is the oldest Bangladeshi defence website predating even official military websites of Bangladesh
  • It is the most widely referenced Bangladeshi defence website due to accuracy and incomparable library of data on Bangladesh’s defence forces
  • Has a membership base from a wide spectrum of society including defence, government, law enforcement, diplomatic corps, private defence equipment suppliers, researchers, academics and students
  • Contains Bangladesh’s only online military equipment database with exclusive information
  • Has presence on social networking and video sharing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube with huge subscriber base

Target audience at

  • Senior armed forces officers and policy makers
  • Defence procurement agency (DGDP)
  • Bangladeshi diplomats and foreign ministry officials
  • Bangladesh law enforcement agencies
  • Bangladesh government ministries and agencies
  • Bangladeshi business corporations including banks, IT, telecom, media and other NGO sectors

Suitable advertisers

  • Defence and aerospace companies
  • Private defence and security firms
  • Energy & power companies
  • Information technology companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Airlines and travel industry
  • Transport industry – manufacturers, dealers and exporters
  • Media and publications industry
  • Banks, microcredit organisations
  • Aid related and NGOs

Rates for banner graphics & text advertisements

* All prices in US Dollars.

Ad Name Ad Type Ad Page Ad Position Ad Size (Pixels) Ad Rate/Duration
BDMA1 Video/Photo/Text All Top Right (1) 728×090 $250.00/Monthly
BDMA2 Video/Photo/Text All Top Right (2) 300X250 $100.00/Monthly
BDMA3 Video/Photo/Text All excluding Front page Top Centre 468×060 $75.00/Monthly
BDMA4 Video/Photo/Text All Middle Right 300×600 $250.00/Monthly
BDMA5 Video/Photo/Text All excluding Front page Middle Centre 468×060 $150.00/Monthly
BDMA6 Video/Photo/Text All excluding Front page Middle Body 250X250 $50.00/Monthly
BDMA7 Video/Photo/Text All Bottom Centre 728×090 $150.00/Monthly
BDMA8 Video/Photo/Text Front Page Lightbox Pop Up Any size $50.00/Monthly
BDMA9 Company profile, contact info, products & services Defence Industry DirectorySupplier or Manufacturer Body 1 page $300.00/Yearly


Terms & conditions of advertisements

  • Your advertisement or advertisements will be displayed on domain name main website and NOT forum or other areas outside’s control such as Facebook and YouTube channels/pages.
  • We retain the right and discretion to edit, delete, reject or remove any advertisements during any time including after acceptance.
  • Advertisement fees are non-refundable under any circumstances provided they were displayed.
  • Your products and services must be legal in nature in accordance to laws of your company’s registration origin and that of international courts.
  •  We do not associate or endorse your products and services.
  • We reserve the right to add caption or headline “advertisement”, “sponsored by” or “powered by” to differentiate your advertisement from the content if the need arises.
  • Payment must be paid in full to’s nominated account before advertisements can be displayed.
  • Payment can be made through Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards and verified Paypal accounts. Wire transfer is also acceptable.
  • You may pay on monthly, bi-annually, annually. Discounts might be offered if purchased annually. Please enquire via email.
  • Advertisement prices exclude any bank handling charges or credit card charges incurable during transfer of funds.
  • You have the right to request removal of advertisements at any time without refund during the agreed time frame in which the advertisement was to be displayed.
  • Your advertisements must not contain offensive content or links to fraudulent websites/services/products.
  • Your advertisements must be in English but we also accept Bengali, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other widely spoken Western languages.
  • Your advertisements must be supplied in advance and in accordance to the formats ascribed in the above table.
  • Your advertisements should be proof read, corrected before finally emailed to us for publication.
  • If your advertisement needs to be modified more than twice per advertisement, a 10% handling fee will be charged.
  • You may provide text, JPG, JPEG, PNG, SWF, FLV advertisements not exceeding 2,000kb.
  • Please contact our sales department for any queries regarding advertising or finalisation for advertising on
  • We shall only communicate with you in written form email. Our official email is: [email protected] .
  • Advertisement terms and conditions are subject to change, please check this page for any official updates from the Sales Department.