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In Photos: Violation of Geneva Conventions by Myanmar forces

Photos have confirmed Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Naik Mizaur Rahman was forcibly dragged in to Myanmar whilst wounded then executed at point blank range with a single shot to the

  • Kalu_Mia

    we need revenge. Where is our defense forces. Stop playing video games and mimic wars and go straightaway to the war zone, teach a lesson to these Burmese basta**s.

  • Uttaran Barua

    Our border should be well fenced, will be great if put some electronic fence in the important locations with strong bunkers, watch towers and also need air defense system and howitzers hidden near the safest possible position from the border line. The BGB need a good number of trained snipers as well and need a little upgrade in weapons and armory. Yeah I know this will need a big portion of the budget but it should be done so our neighbors think twice before doing anything harmful. And all the upgrading should be classified as much as possible so that it doesn’t create any pressure from outsides. Just shared my opinion as a citizen of Bangladesh. :-)

  • Guest

    The burmese authority along with rakhine extremists are persecuting Muslim Rohingyas of Burma and forcing them flee out of their motherland. Bangladesh must help those victims of hatred and communal violence. Our country needs to create pressure upon this junta regime of Burma and bring up the issue on international forums.

  • Uttaran Barua

    Myanmar’s intention is clear now after previous few days persuasion of war from their end. They have been trying to push those Rohingyas out of their lands for long time, and many war already took place among them for years after years. Now they are trying to get rid off them. But the question is should we give shelters to those Rohingyas in our country where population is already huge compare to land size? If we think humanity then they should be helped but in other side it is true we already sheltering a large number of Rohingya. And the sour true is that, they are not thankful to our humanity like the Biharis. I’m not against any community or rage but I think we should think rationally and wisely before helping others like other does. Yes, we should bring this issue internationally but it seems like so called international agencies are intentionally ignoring these and it is clear some countries are supporting Myanmar from behind the scene who like to see our country goes down from all the possible ways.