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In Photos: Bangladesh Army and BGB pour in to Myanmar border

Members of the Bangladesh Army and Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) are taking position throughout the Bangladesh-Myanmar international border following the unprovoked attack on a BGB patrol by Myanmar border guards

  • Kalu_Mia

    Wait for the time when Bangladesh Border guard is going to kill the Burmese bastard dogs. They are brave forces, not some cowards like Burmese bastards shooting over our men from hiding and with no reason to shoot. Only when we teach you m@derphookers a good lesson, you will get another peace medallion.

  • Enayet Mowla

    I think it is time now to have more men in the Army and the BGB from the Hill tribes of Chittagong and Mymensing (Chakma, Mog, Tipra, Garo, Kuki etc.). Mog was not a local tribe in Bangladesh. In the year of 1812 the Province of Arakan was attacked and a genocide followed. Trying to escape thousands of Rakhines crossed the river Naaf and settled in the hills in the Cox’s Bazar area and they are known now as Mogs. They are living peacefully in Bangladesh but the Rohingyas in Burmas are not. I was wondering why the Rohingya refugees are not being used now to help us?

  • mdrashel

    It’s you ?? #min min